We play:

Settlers of Catan - Puerto Rico - Agricola - Condottiere - Ticket to Ride - Citadels - Torres - Shadows over Camelot - Race for the Galaxy - Formula De - Seven Wonders .. that kind of thing.

The club owns lots of games, and our members bring even more.

We meet:

Every Thursday - 8pm - The Stables Bar, Newbold Comyn Arms, Leamington Spa

We welcome:


We charge:

50p each week, which is spent on games for the club.

First-timers pay nothing!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Play board games tonight in Leamington

It's Thursday, it must be Board Silly night.

8pm at the Newbold Comyn Arms, as usual.

Over on the newsgroup, John E has indicated that he'd like to play Innovations (alas, not the game of the catalogue)

I missed the rules explanation last week & didn't grok the scoring system until it was too late. I didn't see many scoring cards. The dog ate my best cards and my homework. And so on. It looked good but I didn't know what I was doing. Usual Thursday night (before anyone else cracks that joke).

John is also bringing Amyitis:
... a club game that Andrew H and I worked out how to play earlier this week. We only had time to play a couple of practice rounds but it looks interesting & it was less than £8.
Not only that, but:
I will also bring a simpler game with which to welcome any newcomers who, as always, don't even have to pay the 50p contribution to the games fund.
As for myself, I will bring Jacob Marley Esquire, because the Christmas lights are up on the Parade, and although it's still November, there may not be many more chances to play before January. Anyway, it's not really a Christmas game at all: it's a game of wanton usury for 3-6 players; a game of unprincipled banking. Whatever next?

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