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Settlers of Catan - Puerto Rico - Agricola - Condottiere - Ticket to Ride - Citadels - Torres - Shadows over Camelot - Race for the Galaxy - Formula De - Seven Wonders .. that kind of thing.

The club owns lots of games, and our members bring even more.

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Every Thursday - 8pm - The Stables Bar, Newbold Comyn Arms, Leamington Spa

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50p each week, which is spent on games for the club.

First-timers pay nothing!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

CCGs or TCGs

I just wanted to post this here as a few of us were having a little discussion of-forum about attending a Magic The Gathering booster draft evening up at Cov Uni one Wednesday.  We were hoping to go yesterday really but it wasn't a draft night! Maybe another week.  This is a small part of the discussion we were having:
I wouldn't buy boosters from Avon, as much as I like them we can source them for cheaper elsewhere. I think Hazel might sell them to us for £2.50 a pack? That's how much they charge on draft nights anyway. People at the Boardsilly club who I know play Magic are: 
  • Gary 
  • Pete Turner
  • Ray
  • Other Pete
  • Steve Lock
  • John E
  • Matt (I think)
... which is just enough to run a draft although 8 is the ideal. We'd also have to be pretty strict about times to get in enough games for it to be worth the effort of drafting. 3 games each is normal, at 50 minutes per match plus time for drafting probably wouldn't fit into anormal Thursday night. Unless it overran across nights. You know, we draft and play a game one evening, then the following week play the remaining games if everyone turns up :)

I'd also want to avoid any club funds going on Magic cards, it just doesn't seem right. Unless there is a separate Magic subsection and I don't think we want to go down that route, as much as I'd love to havea regular local playgroup for Magic it is a board game club primarily.

So all in all we'd probably be better off sticking to board and cardgames on a Thursday and collectible card games outside of that structure.

In summary:

  • I don't think club funds can be directed towards such open ended collectible games.
  • I do think it would be nice to play Magic occasionally at the club
  • I really wouldn't want to guide anyone towards buying any of the products apart from for a draft or sealed event where you can just count it as cost of entry.
  • A draft or sealed game is probably too long for a Thursday night, and cost is prohibitive especially against the "free" board games.
  • If I had the time,cards and sleeves to put together a pool of cards to draft from (cube draft) then that is potentially a way around it for anyone who does want a game.
  • Multi-player commander games might be a reasonable idea too.  I'll try and always bring  at least one and I think Pete has a few made up ready.  It more fun and nonsense than real magic :)
  • Steve and I played a few games before everyone else turned up during the last year, Its not an unreasonable 2 player filler.


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